​​A) Product Name
2-Channel Dotted Cable Humps - suitable for use with heavy vehicles over multiple cables and hose pipes.

B) Raw Material :
Blended / Reclaimed Rubber

C) Purpose
Rubber Cable humps to help provide safe passage for pedestrians and vehicles.

D) Scope
Ideal for frequent vehicle movements & variety of applications, including indoor and outdoor use, construction sites, and industrial and commercial settings.

E) Characteristics
1) Black and clear yellow with a stippled surface pattern for increased traction underfoot and tyres.
2) Available in black & Yellow combination with six cat’s eyes for greater visibility.
3) Anti-skid surface with four fixing points for excellent adhesion to the road surface
4) 2 channels for hoses and cables – channel widths ~35 X 30mm. The channels are open-bottomed so that the ramp can be laid onto wires.  
5) ​Recommended Pressure Resistance : 20 tons @ 5km/hr

F) Specifications
1)  ~60mm Height x 300mm Width x 1,830mm Length / pc with 2 cable cavities / channels
2) Weight ~ 26kgs/pc

​Disclaimer :
​* Note : Users need to evaluate suitability for their industries use ( applications ) before placing order from us .

2-Channel Dotted Rubber Cable Hump / Cable Protector Hump

~60mm x 300mm x 1,830mm / pc

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