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A) Product Name
An indoor product for safety of disabled individuals.
Indoor EPDM Tactile Tile is a ground surface indicator system for pedestrians with visually impaired 

B) Raw Material :
EPDM Rubber

C) Purpose
EPDM tactile /warning tiles are :-
1) as a warning signs for pedestrians.
2) to assist pedestrians community with visually impaired & provide more accessibility to the public places or buildings .
3) Stripes design or Studs design for walkway guidance. the direction in which pedestrians can move on .
4) Studs / Domes design is for Hazard warning or Stop Sign where care should be taken before crossways.
5) ( For Heavy Duty Outdoor Tactile Tiles , It is advisable to use acrylic resin / Pre-cast Concrete / Porcelain / Granite Tactile Pavers )

D) Scope
Ideal for indoor on stairs , train station platforms , shopping centres & hospital walkways , residential & office buildings etc

E) Characteristics
1) Brand : RUDSAF ™
2) Made In Malaysia
3) Made of EPDM Rubber.
4) Skid protection .
5) Easy installation and free maintenance .
6) Install directly onto the clean floor surface ( free from oily floor condition ) – Glue down or use double sided tape with anti peeling system. 

F) Specification
1) ~6mm Height x 300mm Width x 300mm Length / pc
2) Weight ~ 460g/pc .
3) Model : BMT6LN300 for direction guidance  in which pedestrians can move on .
4) Model :  BMT6DT300 for hazard warning or Stop Sign where care should be taken before crossways.)

G) Rate Offer & Order
​Disclaimer :
​* Note : Users need to evaluate suitability for their industries use ( applications ) before placing order from us .
H) Order procedures
1) Cash & Carry ( ex-factory )


2) Formal PO issuance :-
Step 1 ) , Issue PO and e-mail to ( sales@gserubber.com ) .
( follow quotation number above in your PO , Leadtime : Within 1 ~ 7 working days ) ( * subject to GSe stock level )

Step 2 ) Contact / e-mail GSe Sales office for proforma invoice and payment arrangement in advance before collection .

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