Dielectric Safety Boots Malaysia ​

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​* Note : Users need to evaluate suitability for their industries use ( applications ) before placing order from us .
In the individual case it is the sole responsibility of the customer to evaluate requirements , in particular if specified properties are sufficient for use .​​

​A) Product Name
Dielectric Safety Boots ,
​NOVAX® Dielectric Safety Boot is tested up to 20kV and is also a certified Safety Shoe. 

B) Raw Material :

C) Purpose
Dielectric boots are mainly used in situations where there is a risk of electric shock due to high voltages, such as in the area of live power.
Dielectric boots are electrically insulated to protect from any possible electrical shock.

D) Scope
Dielectric (DI) Boots
Where insulated footwear is used as protection against step and touch potential, dielectric overshoes shall be required. Insulated soles shall not be used as primary electrical protection. Dielectric overshoes are required when performing equipment grounding near power lines.
Personal Protective Equipment requires protective overshoes . 
If they are for acid protection, then they would need to meet an applicable part of F2413. 
But if for electrical hazards, they would need to meet ASTM F1117. 

) Characteristics :
1) Brand Name : Novax ®
2) Colour : Orange & Green
3) Certified to EN 20345 – Standards For Safety Footwear For Professional Use
4) Certified to EN 50321 – Live Working – Footwear for Electrical Protection – Insulating footwear and overboots
5) Certified to CSA Z195 – Protective Footwear
6) ASTM F-1117 – Standard Specification for Dielectric Footwear
7) ASTM F-2413- Standard Specification for Performance Requirements for Protective (Safety) Toe Cap Footwear

​​​​​F) Specification 
1) Lining Material – Comes with extra comfort and durability
2) Upper Construction – Waterproof (Electrically verified), Easy for cleaning
3) Sole/Heel – Good abrasion resistant for extra durability
4) Steel Toe Cap – Epoxy coated toe caps for anti-corrosion
5) Steel Shank – Doubled ribbed ladder shank to improved midfoot stability and support
6) Chemical Resistance – Sole & Upper – Resistant towards strong acids and alkalis
7) Finishing – Lacquer coating for weather protection
8) Packing – Recyclable Polybag & 6 pairs in a carton
9) Sizes Available : Europe Size : ​ 38 to 46 , UK Size ( 5 to 12 )

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