Stud Rubber Floor Mat
Stud Rubber Floor Mat
rubber mat malaysia
rubber floor mat malaysia

Anti Slip Round Dot Rubber Floor Mat

 ​-- ​ ​Anti Slip Floor Mats
​( 4.5mm Thick )

anti slip rubber mat Malaysia ANTI SLIP STUD RUBBER MAT MALAYSIA

​A) Product Name
Anti Slip Round Dot Rubber Floor Mats , 4.5mm Thickness

B) Raw Material
Blended / Reclaimed Rubber

C) Purpose
There are many conditions where people come across the need to buy a rubber runner / floor mat. Whether for the home, office layout or factory pathway, rubber floor mats are used in a variety of conditions with the primary aim of keeping people safe from slippery or protecting the floor beneath.

D) Scope
Ideal for Light Weight Gym Floor , Lift elevator floor , door and walkways , hallways , corridors , high traffic areas , Industrial & automotive pathways , heavy duty work places , wet & dry area , production floor slip coverage , shipping and packaging areas etc

E) Characteristics
1) Rubber provides many characteristics include durability of use , elasticity , water resistance and non-slipped . especially , In areas where floor can become slippery due to moisture or grease .
2) Below are examples of potential areas that are constantly facing situations where the flooring becomes dangerous due its exposure to water or grease and a rubber mat provides the perfect solution for stopping accidents in these areas. The fact that rubber is water proof and durable also means that they can be easily cleaned by hosing off .

F) Specifications
​1) OUR Standard Dimension : ( 1 m = 3.28 ft )
Model No. : RD4.5BLK1X10
( In meter ) 4.5mm Thickness x 1 meter Width x 10 meters Length = 10 m ² / Roll OR
( In feet ) 4.5mm Thickness x 3.28 feet Width x 32.80 feet Length = 107.58 ft ² / Roll
Weight : Around ~ 60kgs / roll

Model No. : RD4.5BLK1.2X10
( In meter ) 4.5mm Thickness x 1.2 meter (4ft) Width x 10 meters Length = 12 m ² / Roll OR
Weight : Around ~ 72kgs / roll

2) Available Colour : Black

​Disclaimer :
​* Note : Users need to evaluate suitability for their industries use ( applications ) before placing order from us .
Model No. : RD4.5BLK1X10
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