Electrical Insulation Rubber Gloves Malaysia ​

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​A) Product Name
Electrical Insulation Rubber Gloves

B) Raw Material :
Rubber / Latex

C) Purpose
The Insulation rubber gloves are most important personal protective equipment. It offers personal protection for workers against electrical shocks when working on electrical equipment including substation switchgear and transformers. 
Electrical shock can be avoided when appropriate safety precautions and gloves are worn.

D) Scope
IEC 60903 and EN 60903 standards produced by the International Electrotechnical Commission is an internationally recognized electrical safety standard : Electrical Insulating Gloves.
IEC 60903:2014 is applicable to electrical insulating gloves that provide protection of the worker against electric shock.
Rubber gloves to be used by all persons who are required to work on Live LV Conductors ( 500VAC ) & Live HV System ( up to 36,000 VAC ).
Insulated gloves issued must have the manufacturers date stamped on each individual glove.

) Specification 
1) Brand Name : Novax ®
2) ​Class 0, 1, 2​, 3, 4
3) Colour : Orange
4) EN60903 (2.3mm thickness)
5) EN60903 – Sizes 9-12 (No Half Sizes Available)
​6) AC Maximum Use Voltage: 17,000V
7) AC Proof Test: 20,000V


F) Precautious :-
Replace immediately, if either of a pair of gloves shows signs of not being safe. Both gloves shall be replaced .
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