Medium Voltage (SBR30) Insulation Rubber Mat Malaysia :-

 Model :   SBR30 ( Medium Voltage )
 Top Surface : Anti Slip Corrugated 
 IEC 61111:2009 : CLASS 2,
 Dielectric Test Voltage :  30kV ,
 Nominal Maximum Use Voltage : 17kV & Below


Disclaimer :
 ​* Note: Users need to evaluate suitability for their industry's use ( applications ) before placing an order from us.
 The Information provided on this website best advises our customers to correspond to current electrical matting standards.
 In the individual case, it is the customer's sole responsibility to evaluate requirements, mainly if specified properties are sufficient for use.​​

A) Product Name
Model : SBR30 ( Medium Voltage ) , Corrugated Switchboard Matting / Non Conductive Switchboard Mat / Dielectric / Medium Voltage Insulation Rubber Mat, IEC61111:2009 Class 2 & ASTM D635

B) Raw Material :

C) Purpose
Switchboard matting is a non-conductive high-density rubber compound engineered to prevent electric shock around high voltage equipment.
The non-conductive rubber compound creates an insulating barrier between the electrical source and the ground.

D) Scope
Our SBR30 ( Medium Voltage ) is under IEC 61111:2009 Class 2 , Ideal for Dielectric Voltage / Withstand Voltage : 30,000 VAC and Recommended Maximum use Voltage : 17,000 VAC ( Medium/High Voltage Switchboard Matting )

E) Characteristics
1) Brand: GSE ®
2) Model: SBR30 ( Medium Voltage ), Switchboard Matting / Medium Voltage Insulation Rubber Mat
3) Top Surface - Anti Slip Corrugated, with anti-slip Corrugated surface to provide a safe working environment, pattern surface “grabs” the bottom of footwear, improving traction and safety from slippery.
4) Colour: Black
5) Test Certificate IEC61111:2009 Withstand Voltage
​Tested by 3rd Party Accredited Laboratory (TNB Labs)
​6) Test Certificate ASTM D635: 2018 - Standard Test Method for Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position:
​Tested by 3rd Party Accredited Laboratory (SIRIM)
7) Non-RoHS 2
​8) Product Compliance Status: -
A) BS EN 61111 Clause Class 2, Voltage Withstand Test for 180 Seconds (3 Minutes)

F) Specifications
1) Nominal Thickness: 9.5mm (3/8")
A) Brand: GSE™,  Model: SBR30, Switchboard Matting, Corrugated, Black colour, 9.5mm (⅜") Tk x 1,000mm (1m) Width x 6,000mm (6m) Length/roll ( Approximately 80kgs/roll ) 

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