Scraper Shoe Sanitizer Mats 

Model : 
( 2ft x 3ft )

​- * Recommended for ​Low-traffic areas ( <  50 peoples ) with toe shoes ( Sandals & Slippers , with or without  full-coverage shoe ) or High Heel Shoes

Product Name
Scraper Shoe Sanitizer Mats ( Inclusive of double-sided Absorbent Sheet ( Mat ) & Exclusive of Entrance Door Mat )

A) How much sanitiser does it take to work?
The most common type of sanitising mat is the open-tray style, which typically is made of moulded rubber with walls 17mm high on all sides to hold liquid sanitiser.
Shoe Sanitizer Mat only needs as low as 3 litres of sanitiser solution to charge, and less sanitiser per charge consumes your sanitiser supply at a much slower rate.

B) Will it make a mess on my floors?
No, placing a water-absorbent entrance mat/pad ( may purchase separately ) to dry people’s feet after they walk through the sanitiser shoe mat prevents the risk of creating a new slip-and-fall safety hazard.

Ideal for many different types of shoes for men and women like street shoes, Boat shoes, Derbys, Oxfords or Balmorals, Sneakers, Flip-flops, Loafers, Running shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Wedges, Stilettos or high heels and for use in hygiene environment, designed for areas that required disinfection before entering, where reducing the spread of germs/bacteria and viruses.
Provides a disinfectant / sanitising solution for any area, e.g., sterile environments, healthcare facilities, food processing industries, Lab and Health Care Clinics, Sports Facilities, Locker Rooms, Aquarium, Veterinary, hypermarkets and many other applications.

1) Made of Reclaimed Rubber c/w double-sided absorbent sheet
2) Raised walls on the sanitising shoe mat hold up to 3 Litres of anti germicidal detergent or any liquid for hygienic cleaning.


Scraper Shoe Sanitizer Mat, Model  : SSM17BLK610X910 ( 2ft x 3ft ) for All Black, Thickness of ~17mm, Width 610mm ( 2ft ) & Length 910mm ( 3ft )/pc C/W insert double-sided absorbent sheet ( Wet Sanitizer Surface ) in place with thickness around 10mm x 550mm Width x 800mm Length/pc, total weight around 4.5kgs/set, Exclude Disinfectant Solution & Entrance Mat 
​Disclaimer :

* The information, figures, contained on this website - which acts  as a guide only to  customers .

​If necessary, please seek clinical / professional advice before placing order from us.
Model  :
( 2ft x 3ft )

Usage method / How to use our mats:-
Equipment Preparation:
1) Disinfectant Solution (ie, Recommended Clinical Approved Disinfectant Solution )
2) Empty container / Bottle, one each
3) Shoe Sanitizer Mat 1pc
4) Door Mat / Entrance Mat with Rubber Backing 1pc
5) PPE equipment like Face Mask / Shield / Hand Gloves or other coverall garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body.

Preparation for Operation :
1) Fill up the empty container with water
2) Pour in Clinical Approved Disinfectant Solution at a recommended ratio as per Instruction
3) Pour the Mixture gradually onto the Absorbent Sheet of Shoe Sanitizer Mat ( around 3 litres ).
Start Of Operation :
1) Ready for use, Step in the Shoe Sanitizer Mat and scrub the soles of the shoes for at least 10 ~ 20 seconds before entering/exiting the workplace; dry up the mixture with ( Door Mat ) Waterhog Entrance mat placed in front of the Shoe Sanitizer mat for “ trapping “ water & "Drink up" water/solution to keep the floors clean and dry after disinfection.
2) Replenish the disinfectant solution after depletion of the solution.

End Of Operation :
1) Clean up the residual disinfectant solution of the Shoe Sanitizer Mat & Door Mats regularly with Hand Protected Gloves ( Recommended complete Protection, i.e. Face Mask / Shield / Hand Gloves or other coverall garments designed to protect the wearer's body from infection ).

Entrance Mat ( Waterhog ) with Rubber Backing &

​" Water-Dam " Border
Purpose  :
Most popular entrance mats for “ trapping “ water & "Drinking up " water and mud to keep the floors clean and dry to be placed after disinfection.

2 Sizes available : 2ft (0.6m) x 3ft (0.9m) &  3ft (1m) x 5ft​ (1.6m)
The sole of a shoe is the main breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and viruses
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